The Shujaa Stories Exhibition is a traveling exhibition that was launched on 9th Nov, 2018, at the Creativity Gallery, Nairobi National Museum.

The Guest of honour was Muthoni Likimani (She has worked as a broadcaster, teacher, publisher and author for over 65 years).

Muthoni Likimani
Muthoni Likimani

It is a digital art exhibition that takes the viewers through a journey of over 400 years of our pre-colonial period heroes.

We set the time scale to Kenya before 1920s since we believe that not many of us are well versed with what happened in our country before colonialism and who our leaders were before then. In some of the communities we go back all the way to the 1450s and we embark on an elaborate path through the various trials and tribulations that these leaders faced during their lifetime.

The exhibition has been tailored to have a greater impact to the younger generation as the artwork is set to portray the leaders in a magical and superhero way: a method that resonates well with them and their current interests in the digital media world.

The exhibition has been put up in partnership with the National Museums of Kenya (through its various departments), Nature Kenya and Tatu Creatives Ltd. The exhibition has been extended up to July, 2019. However, the Shujaa Stories project shall continue in terms of various programs involving the youth among other events. An example of such events is the Shujaa Stories Instameet Warrior Edition event held on Dec 8th, 2018, that attracted 81 photographers and models.

Exhibition Walkthrough Video

A few fun facts about the exhibition:

It covers 28 Shujaas (out of which 10 are women)
It covers all the former 8 provinces of Kenya
Over 30,000 guests have so far visited the galleries in the museum since which includes the Shujaa Stories Exhibition
Over 600 visitors have left comments on the visitors book so far (these include Kenyans, international guests, organisations, and even young children who were inspired by the exhibition)

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